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TechOperators is the largest early-stage software venture capital firm in the Southeast

Atlanta-based TechOperators invests in emerging software companies with high growth potential. We look for entrepreneurs building emerging growth stage companies with defensible positions in large and growing markets. We initially invest $2-4 million and continue to support and build value in our portfolio companies as they grow. We typically seek board representation and provide constructive, strategic, operating and networking support to our portfolio companies.

We concentrate our investment focus on opportunities that demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Great founders with strong personal qualities
  • Large and growing addressable business markets
  • A product that addresses a significant customer need with a clear/tangible value proposition
  • Recurring revenue business model
  • Have developed and launched a first product or service in their target market
  • Value our experience, have a willingness to apply our guidance and operate transparently

What you should expect from us

With TechOperators as your investor partner, you should expect:

Equity Capital at Market Terms
As early-stage investors we are typically the first institutional investor and can lead or co-lead your Series A round with fair, best-practice venture terms. We expect to support your growth with additional capital from our fund and can help form syndicates for follow-on needs.

Operating Experience
We deliver practical advice and counsel throughout all phases of growth and within each area of operations and governance. We are uniquely qualified to apply our experiences to support you as an entrepreneur building a great business.

Domain Knowledge
Through our team and network of advisors, we bring years of experience in a wide set of industry and technology domains. We have built businesses in cyber and physical security, mobile applications, cloud computing, workforce optimization, enterprise software and storage management, marketing automation, VoIP solutions, ecommerce and mobile marketing, and data analytics. We bring deep expertise in these areas.

Extensive Networks
Over the years, we have established a global network of A-players. We enable our portfolio companies to leverage this network of operators, customers, vendors, analysts, bankers and venture capitalists to accelerate company growth. This includes everything from help with recruiting key executive talent, to contacts for partnering opportunities, to business model and functional guidance.

We know it’s lonely at the top and are always glad to brainstorm with you to solve your most vexing issues.

Honesty and Transparency
With us, what you see is what you get. The good, the bad, and even the ugly. We are clear in our expectations and expect the same from you.

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