We invest in Seed and Series A Cyber and B2B software companies



TechOperators led Trajektory's Series Seed funding.

Modern, comprehensive solution for helping teams, venues, and events value their sponsorship assets, and for the world's biggest brands to evaluate the impact of their sponsorship marketing.

"TechOperators has already provided invaluable, operator-relevant guidance. Great, experienced partners for early stage companies." –Alex Kerr, CEO



TechOperators led Todyl’s Series Seed funding.

Unified platform for MSP’s to provide enterprise-class networking and security to their customers.

"I benefit from TechOperator's highly collaborative culture and deep bench of expertise every day." – John Nellen, CEO



TechOperators led Automox's Series A funding.

Automox is the easiest-to-use, most-recommended, and most efficient cloud-native solution for endpoint management. Delivered as a modern cloud service with cross-platform support, Automox consolidates IT operations into a single console that offers the. visibility, automation, and control IT teams need.

"TechOperators has been an invaluable ally to Automox, and their continued engagement is part of the firm foundation of our success." - Tim Lucas, CEO


Phantom Security

TechOperators led Phantom’s Series A funding.

Award-winning security infrastructure orchestration, playbook automation, and case management for enterprise security teams. Acquired by Splunk in 2019.

"TechOperators has been with me through two startups, and I would not hesitate to partner with them again." – Oliver Friedrichs, CEO



TechOperators led Flashpoint’s Series A funding.

Cyber threat intelligence and vulnerability analysis from the dark web. Flashpoint closed its Series C funding in July 2017.

"The advice I’ve gotten from TechOperators over the years has been invaluable." – Josh Lefkowitz, CEO


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…that opinions matter, but data matters more.

…no one forecasts well in early stages, but you have to try.

…the best leaders are sometimes liked, but they’re always respected.

…there are many ways to succeed and even more ways to fail.

…success as an entrepreneur is incredibly rewarding, important, and fun.

…in helping entrepreneurs, even if we don’t invest.

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