Finding a Fit

Our mutual goal is finding a fit.
Advice, insights, and assistance can be even more valuable than the capital invested.

Good advice and insights are a byproduct of experience. There are no shortcuts. Every member of TechOperators has more than 20 years’ day-to-day experience leading software companies.

Our experience guides our interests as a firm – we want to work with founders and businesses that can benefit from our experience.


Cybersecurity –The term itself dates back only to 1989. Only 5 years later, several of us founded the leading cybersecurity company in the world, Internet Security Systems. Half of our team has spent 10-15 years managing cybersecurity software companies, so this is a market we know well.

B2B software – The other half of our firm have founded and/or run eight different B2B companies. Just as the definition of B2B software is broad, so too is the experience of our team. We’ve sold to enterprise, mid-market, and SMB customers. Our teams have built complex and scalable infrastructure used by enterprises and network operators as well as ground-breaking desktop and mobile applications.


We invest early when our experience can most help our founders. Whether you call it Seed stage or Series A, this is a time when you probably have a product in market or a few paying customers, but still haven’t proven full product/market fit, refined your sales model, or built out your team. It’s a critical time. Decisions made at this stage will change the trajectory of your company. This is when experience matters the most.

Amount of Capital

As a medium-sized venture capital firm, we have a meaningful amount of capital to continuously invest in you as you grow. Our investment in you will not be a rounding error for our fund, so we will pay attention and actively help.

It also means that we’ll partner with larger firms for your later stage rounds. Because we invest a lot of our time with our companies, we typically lead these early stages. Our initial check size can vary a lot according to the needs of your company, but generally, our initial check is $2 - $5M.


We invest across the United States.

What We Look For

We value smart, experienced, driven entrepreneurs and founding team members. We value large markets where your company offers a disruptive or new solution. We value recurring or predictable, usage-based revenue models.

What You Should Expect

Finding a fit often consumes months of time and focus – critically valuable time for leaders for early-stage companies, and as we’ve been in your shoes and appreciate the value of timely and clear feedback.

When you contact TechOperators, send us your Investor Deck. We review 100% of investor decks, and we will respond to you within 5 business days. No chasing. No questioning. If we think it can be a good fit, we’ll request an introductory meeting. If not, we'll let you know as well.

It’s important to move fast, and in some cases, we’ve offered terms within a few weeks.

After we invest, we’ll be there for you. We’ll pay attention and give thoughtful, honest feedback to support you every step of the way.