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Suggested Topics to Cover

We receive hundreds of inquiries from entrepreneurs each year. To ensure your plan receives the attention it deserves, here are some suggestions for your submission (often these are 2-page executive summaries or presentations):

  • A brief description of your product and the pain it addresses. What are the alternatives? Customer referrals to underline the jaw-dropping value proposition are great. Be able to define the company purpose in one clear sentence.
  • A summary of your team and their backgrounds
  • Status of your underlying technology and solution. Can it scale commercially? What is the plan to make your product even more compelling?
  • What is the target market and the size of your addressable portion? We prefer a bottoms-up approach rather than analyst research. Don’t confuse addressable market with industry size.
  • Is your business addressing a need in a large enough market ($1 billion-plus)? Or if, as is often the case, you are addressing a subset of the market, what is its size and why will you be competitive in that segment?  What opens up that segment to you? We appreciate detailed understanding of the nuances of the market.
  • How you are different from your competitors?
  • What are your current and planned financial milestones? Showing real customer sales is the best way to demonstrate how your product fits with real market need. What are your key operating metrics?
  • How much capital you plan to raise and how you plan to use it?

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