And it's not because we don't like to get on the road!

The basic reason is that in the Southeast, we can best help our companies. If you are a software company in the Southeast looking for venture capital, you need to be talking to TechOperators - the largest early-stage software venture fund in the Southeast. If you are ready for venture capital and are located in Nashville, Raleigh, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Little Rock, Charlotte, Memphis, Baltimore, Louisville, Lexington, Tampa, Norfolk or Washington, DC (or all points in between!), then we are 'your people'.

Everyone at TechOperators has run companies with a global audience, and our companies have all been based in Atlanta. We have deep roots in Atlanta and in the Southeast, and this helps in:

  • Recruiting – we can often help as companies build out their technical, sales, and management teams
  • Business Development – we have good connections with many Southeastern companies, just because we are active in the area
  • Guidance – practically speaking, travel times and time zones do matter in the process of meeting with and advising our companies

Beyond that, we are just plain excited about the Southeast technology scene. The technical talent is here. There is a vibrant tech start-up scene that we are active in. The cost-of-living is much better than other tech hubs in the country, and the weather and BBQ is great!


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