Operating Experience

Every member of our investing team has more than 25 years operating software businesses

Collectively, our operating credentials include:

  • 52 years as CEOs of 10 private and public companies
  • Founders of more than half a dozen software startups
  • Backed by 25 venture funds
  • Raised over $450M in venture capital and public offerings
  • Created over $2.6B in shareholder value in 3 IPOs
  • Served as board members for more than 30 companies
  • Employed over 6,000 people in 55 countries

This operating experience is why we call ourselves “TechOperators.” We have lived through various stages of company growth, we have seen markets materialize and evaporate, we have made good decisions (and some bad ones)

Our experience is reflected in the things we seek to invest in, and it is a key part of our collaboration with our portfolio companies

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