• Todyl
    Security-as-a-Service Platform for Small Businesses
    Denver, CO
  • Polarity
    Augmented Reality for Security Knowledge Workers
  • talasecurity
    Modern Web Application Defense of XSS, Form-Jacking, and MageCart
    Fremont, CA
  • Automox
    Enterprise Patch and Systems Management
    Boulder, CO
  • scytale
    Scaling workload identity in cloud-native and legacy environments
    Redwood City, CA
    Exited January, 2020
    Acquired by:
  • Immunet
    Virus protection solution leveraging community intelligence
    Palo Alto, CA
    Exited July, 2013
    Acquired by:
  • Providing actionable intelligence from the Deep and Dark Web
    New York, NY
  • Brightpoint Security
    Cyber threat intelligence platform for enterprise customers
    San Mateo, CA
    Exited June, 2016
    Acquired by:
  • Enterprise security for data protection and access control
    Atlanta, GA
  • Purpose-built, community-powered security automation & orchestration
    Palo Alto, CA
    Exited April, 2018
    Acquired by:
  • Endgame
    Cyber operations platform to help enterprises automate the hunt against adversaries
    Arlington, VA
    Exited October, 2019
    Acquired by:

Business to Business

  • Matcha Content Marketing
    Content Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses
    Atlanta, GA
    Exited November, 2020
    Acquired by:
  • Kyck Global
    Workforce Invoicing and Disbursement
    Atlanta, GA
  • Joulex
    Energy management system for enterprise
    Atlanta, GA and Kassel, Germany
    Exited November, 2013
    Acquired by:
  • IAS
    Wealth management SaaS solution for financial advisors
    Atlanta, GA
    Exited August, 2012
    Acquired by:
    Hanlon Financial
  • Vocalocity
    VoIP solution for small business
    Atlanta, GA
    Exited October, 2013
    Acquired by:
  • Predikto
    Automating IIoT equipment data to move unplanned maintenance to planned maintenance
    Atlanta, GA
    Exited August, 2018
    Acquired by:
    United Technologies
  • Spotright
    SpotRight makes it easy to turn consumer insights into Marketing Personas
    Little Rock, AR
    Exited July, 2018
    Acquired by:
    Wiland, Inc.
  • HireIQ Solutions
    Better hiring decisions through predictive talent analytics
    Alpharetta, GA
  • Ceterus
    Do-It-For-Me solution for bookkeeping for small businesses
    Charleston, SC
  • SalesWise
    Enterprise sales automation and intelligence platform
    Atlanta, GA
  • SpringBot
    eCommerce Marketing Platform for small to medium sized businesses
    Atlanta, GA
  • Orderly is the simplest food cost management solution for independent restaurateurs
    Atlanta, GA
    Exited August, 2019
    Acquired by:
    Buyers Edge Platform

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