Atlanta, GA
Exit: August 2018
Acquired by: United Technologies

Moving the unplanned to the planned. Predikto brings the power of predictive analytics to optimize maintenance and fleet operations. By automating the process of data science and machine learning with our patent-pending MAX engine we can focus on solving real world maintenance and operation issues with our customers.

We deliver prepackaged SaaS applications built to solve the problems of unplanned maintenance and fleet operations. While our platform and applications can span industries from oil and gas to consumer we have chosen to focus on asset intensive industries such as rail and aviation.

The company was founded in 2013 upon the premise that unless data science could be automated, the use of big data in IoT would remain a long, ineffective and costly services engagement driven by large IT companies with bigger marketing budgets than development budgets. Through this lens the first MAX engine was developed to automate data ingestion and machine learning. This automation allows Predikto to do in weeks what traditionally takes months or years. In addition, by removing the human bias introduced by a manual process, we are able to find meaning in both conventional and unconventional data.

Mario Montag | CEO